Finally, a beginning

In its heyday, I was extremely active in keeping an unfiltered and uncensored LiveJournal. (I was young and headstrong, so emphasis on the uncensored part…) There, I catalogued my personal ups and downs and mainly used it as a safe space for therapeutic journalling. For professional reasons, I removed it from the public sphere once I began my journey to becoming a teacher and as other social media websites gained popularity I abandoned my LJ entirely.

After that, Facebook became my writing outlet, mostly in the form of short posts, and when the mood struck, longer notes, but it was never well-organized or purposeful in terms of presenting an ongoing narrative or memoir. And once again, over time, I began limiting my audience and removing myself from the public eye in order to maintain a professional appearance for the sake of my occupation and the scrutiny that comes with such a public responsibility.

The one constant among all of my online rantings, ravings, and musings is the encouragement from family and friends to make it more public, to share it with more people who might find it amusing or helpful in some way. (And, if I’m being honest, I’m far more likely to write when I know that I’m being read and when I feel like I’m being heard.) It’s time to come out of my cave and present my stone tablets for others to read and discuss.

So who am I? Why should you read my blog and why should you come back? 
I’m an educator working at a Charter high school in Detroit. My day-to-day in the classroom is a combination of every made-for-television special about urban schools with suburban teachers and National Geographic’s Wild Kingdom, crossed with the love child of The Office and Parks and Rec. No, I’m not exaggerating.

I’m a working mom trying to balance the insane emotional, mental, and physical requirements of both my teaching life and my parental life while simultaneously finding time for my partner and our marriage. It’s a lot like juggling raw eggs – when I’m in a rhythm it seems effortless and everything flows together, but if I stumble even a little bit, it’s a stinky mess.

I’m a Jewish convert still learning about what being Jewish means to me and trying to raise two children with love and respect for all faiths while instilling in them a strong foundation of Jewish ideals and spiritual rituals. The most important to me being the concept of tikkun olam, which loosely translates from Hebrew to English as “repair the world” and is rooted in the concepts of social justice and human compassion and kindness.

I’m a woman possessed with making her mark in a positive and lasting way and I can’t do that without reaching out to more people and in more ways. I need you to help fulfill my mission.

So there it is: a beginning. I’m looking forward to responding to comments and meeting new people through this blog, and I hope that you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

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